Wednesday, October 7, 2015

For Dave

Oohhh... a blog post.
Well, aside from the huge news of me going to visit the Junkers this week - basically it's all school. That's all I do with my life. I go to work, I tutor, I housesit, I go to school. Aaanndd.... I spill mass quantities of vegetable soup in my car. Seriously, it smells disgusting in there. Luckily, when I turn on the air conditioning it temporarily airs it out for that particular ride.

So... I bought an iPad. I'm actually typing this post on said iPad. Most of me thinks it's awesome and the other 30% of me is like YOU'RE PAYING FOR SCHOOL. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON AN IPAD? My therapist and I spent our last session discussing my impulses and whether or not this actually is one. The results were inconclusive.

It's football season.
Which is magnificent.
I live for football.
I was raised in a manner that means from September to February, if there's a football game on tv, it's on MY tv. It relaxes me, for some reason. I should analyze the cost benefits between Xanax and a cable bill.

I'm posting this one for Dave.