Monday, March 30, 2015

I feel so free

I still have some back dated things to post (THAT I'M WORKING ON WRITING) but I need to put in this brief interlude to let you guys know THAT I DROPPED MY STATS CLASS AND THIS IS THE HAPPIEST I HAVE BEEN IN SEVERAL WEEKS.

I called my mom, totally bawling, after taking 2 Xanax in an attempt to get through the freaking study guide for tomorrow's test and we both decided that my mental health is more important. I can suddenly breathe again. And everyone knows that once your mom says it's okay, it'r really okay and everything is so much better. Actually everything is just better after talking to your mom. It's just a fact of life. That, and snuggling a puppy, preferably your own.

So, thanks mom for being cool with it, and AHH I FEEL SO FREE. I immediately told all of my roommates about how happy I know am, still crying slightly and my face all red and they are all extremely excited for me.

So, a note for all of you kids out there. Mental health is more important and there are some really terrible teachers out there so watch out.

Also, love you mom.


Monday, March 16, 2015

The skittle challenge

Okay, so this happened like 3 weeks ago and I’m just now getting it written. Everything will be sort of back dated for a little while. I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY.

So on Saturday night (3 weeks ago) we were having dinner (Me, little brother, mom, dad, Allen-who-is-little-brother’s-friend, and Cady-who-is-my-friend-and-happens-to-be-Allen’s-little-sister).
We were discussing the disappearance of a certain 54oz. bag of skittles from our kitchen counter… 

Exhibit A

Little brother just shrugged and said, “It’s in my room.” Something happened next though I can’t remember what, but in the end it culminates to my father saying, “It’s not like the flavors mean anything. You can’t tell.” Cady immediately piped in, “I can tell.” quietly, as little brother huffed in indignation, announcing that he also could tell the difference. Thus, the challenge was born.

It was mom who suggested it. I blind taste test. I gathered dish towels to blindfold them while little brother waded through his trash heap of a room to find them (he’s been sleeping in my bedroom because his is such a mess. Seriously. That’s a sign.) I, of course, could not participate because I’m off sugar and skittles are basically little balls of pure sugar dyed different colors.

One at a time I gave each of them a different colored skittle, holding it up so my dad could mark down what they really had, before letting them eat it.

It was a brilliant system. I made up a little chart and everything (pictured at the bottom) that he recorded everything on. They would hold up their color before eating it so that we could compare, etc.

The results were as follows:
Cady: 5/5
Little Brother: 0/5

Little brother guessed red twice and was wrong both times.
He is terrible.


Friday, March 13, 2015


I apologize for my lack of correspondence, life has been CRAZY.
But I have many stories in the bank (including the results of those 2 terrible papers...) and hopefully I'll be posting soon. As in tomorrow.


Monday, March 2, 2015

The night from hell, Part 8

And it's only 1:35! 25 minutes ahead of schedule. I have completed two, five page papers today and am now going to bed.
That is all.


The night from hell, Part 7

I skipped right over the completion of page three. I was on a roll. But I'm starting to drag... I'm going to have to wrap this up quick before I lose all mental capability. The weird thing is that I'm not really tired. Just tired of thinking. Hypothetically I could probably stay up for another 2 hours and watch a movie (not that I'm going to.)


The night from hell, Part 6

I'm zipping right along! But I'm getting a little tired... Maybe a snack... A snack? Definitely a snack. But what to have for my snack?
I've been eating a lot of fresh fruit with sugar-free cool whip. It satisfied the sugar craving without ruining the sugar ban I have placed upon myself. Strawberries and blueberries are my favorite.

It's a fabulous alternative to ice cream. But I don't think that's what I want right now... This is so difficult. This is much more difficult than the actual paper. Ugh.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

The night from hell, Part 5

If I can do a page every half hour then I'll be done by two. That is my goal. And then I'll get up at ten. It'll be fine. I'll be fine. This will be my mantra for the next two hours.
*I'll be fine*
*I'll be fine*
*I'll be fine*
*I'll be fine*


The night from hell, Part 4

I took the shower.
Not sure if it worked yet.
But I did give myself the pep talk of a lifetime while I was in there. It was all about how I've been training for this for the last six years, and how all of high school has prepared me for this moment, and that if I can get this done before 3 am then I can have a nap between classes tomorrow. (I'll probably do that anyway.)


The night from hell, Part 3

Maybe if I shower I'll think better. Maybe it will wash out my brain.

The night from hell, Part 2


If this seemed very fast to you, remember that I've been working on this one since 2 this afternoon. That's like 8 hours. And yes, I did take a break to make muffins and stuff when I started to go blind from my computer screen, but still, EIGHT HOURS. It's because the freaking nationalism book was so terrible and difficult to read. I don't anticipate an awesome grade on that one, but there's an extra credit conference thing this weekend that a friend and I are going to go to to make up for our terrible grades on this.

So now I'm on to my American lit paper. This one is a little different in that its a critical analysis over one of the short stories that we've read this semester. The problem is that because it's an English class it's going to be graded much more harshly so I have to put more actual thought into it.

The thing about me when it comes to writing papers is that I'm a truly excellent bullshitter. For real. It's one of the skills I'm most proud of. One time I won a writing contest with a paper I'd written the night before. I wasn't trying to win, I was just trying to get the paper turned in to class on time.
I would rather write papers all day long that do math.

"Blind them with your brilliance or baffle them with your bullshit."

That was my honorary senior quote and it's a motto I live by to this day.

Another surprisingly convenient thing is that I am a total insomniac. I take 50mg of trazadone in order to sleep every night. So as long as I don't take my trazadone, I should hypothetically stay awake indefinitely... Insomnia is a blessing and a curse.


The night from hell, part 1

I haven't posted in a little bit because school has been very stressful lately.

But then tonight I decided that as long as I'm going to suffer, you guys can suffer with me!
It'll prove to you guys that I really AM doing stuff.

So here goes:
I have a 5 page world civ paper due at midnight. It's over a book called imagined communities and is about nationalism and its effects on the the post eighteenth century world and is super terrible. Problem is... I hadn't actually read the book until today... and as I began I discovered THAT IT IS A REALLY DIFFICULT BOOK. I consider myself very proficient in the way of the vocabulary of the English language and I was looking up definitions on google. And its 150 pages long.
So I've been working on that since 2 in the afternoon and a few minutes ago I was looking up my American lit paper which is due midnight tomorrow ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT IT'S NOT DUE AT MIDNIGHT TOMORROW. IT'S DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS TOMORROW. Class is at 11:30 am, which means that I will be staying up to finish that one as well. It is also 5 pages.

So this is me live blogging the detailed account of a college student who really hates herself right about now.

More to come.