Sunday, November 9, 2014

I suck at titles


My parents are back. I went home for lunch to see them today and I was met at the door by my father announcing, "HOLA, MI HIJA."
But he was excited to see me, so that always makes me feel happy.

So, Events of a notable nature:
The nonprofit organization that I work for had its big fundraising luncheon last Wednesday, and wow. Let. Me. Tell you. The nonprofit fundraising circuit IS QUITE A PLACE. SO MANY RICH PEOPLE. WOOOOAAAAH. I met the governor elect THE DAY AFTER he was elected. I felt pretty cool. It was at the new Hilton hotel, the really nice one. We had a hospitality room for the staff to put our stuff and no, I did not have two complimentary danishes.

I had three.

I also consumed two Diet Cokes and put another in my purse for the ride home.

After the event I got to take home NINE PIECES of really good cake afterward.

The hotel even allows dogs! At one point while I was in the lobby waiting for our keynote speaker (who we flew in on a private jet that morning) I saw this relatively young couple with four dogs between them wandering around the lobby and I am now very interested with learning how I can become a part of a young, independently wealthy couple who can hang out in really expensive hotels with our four dogs.

Basically I've decided that I want to marry very rich.
I told my boss this and she told me just keep going to events like that.


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