Put a Stapler in Jello

(like from The Office/Office Space)

During my senior year of high school I was kind of a bad ass and put my AP Government teachers stapler in jello. And it was awesome. And I am now putting it on the internet so that future generations of rule-breakers may learn from my brilliance.

1 stapler
3 double packages of jello (Whatever color you want, make sure you have PLENTY of jello. You may need two tries.)
1 container (Whatever you want to use to mold the jello + stapler. I used a bread pan because it was the right size.)
Extra packages of plain gelatin (optional)

Make the first batch of jello, using half the amount of water that you normally would. (It has to be SUPER DUPER THICK because this is going to be the top of the mold). Add extra gelatin if you wish to ensure its thickness. (Thickness. That's a weird word. Say it out loud. Thickness. Thickness. Weird.)
Pour the jello into your mold and refrigerate until the jello is firm.

After the first batch of jello is good and firm, press THE TOP of the stapler into the jello. (It has to be upside down so that when you flip it, it will be right side up.) Push it down in a bit so that it stays stable, but doesn't touch the bottom.)

Make another batch of jello doing the same as before, using less water and add gelatin if you wish. MAKE SURE THE WATER IS ACTUALLY CHILLED. When you add the cold water (as you are supposed to to make jello) use ice instead, because if the liquid jello is too hot, it will melt through the first layer. (I learned this the hard way. That was take 1 for me.) Pour it into the mold around the stapler and refrigerate again.

Repeat with the jello for a third layer if needed. Or fourth, etc. I only needed three, but it will depend on what mold you are using.

When you are sure that the whole thing is firm and ready to be flipped, you have to heat it up a little so that it will slide out. I used a big bowl of hot water and held the bread pan in for a little while. BE CAREFUL THAT IT'S NOT IN THERE FOR TOO LONG. I made that mistake too and it split across the top because the jello got to soft and I was super pissed.
I flipped it out onto a plate and then but the pan back around it to keep it from sinking before I was ready to plant it. I put everything in a cooler with ice packs and towels and took it to school that way and didn't take the pan off until the last minute.

It was awesome.

Good luck.

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  1. Yay.... Now I can jello a stapler?
    You need to let me watch the Office
    this summer.. I've only seen a few
    random episodes here and there :(