Friday, December 20, 2013

Home again. Home again.

And wouldn't you know it, my parents immediately put me to work. Today I have been tasked with washing and shaving the puppy. Let's keep in mind that he's only 8 months old and he is really not very favorable towards the haircut thing. I basically have to continuously feed him dog treats to keep him from trying to bite the razor. We're about half done now and taking a break while I blog this.

Going on... tonight we're going to the hobbit! I've already been, of course. Little brother and I went to the midnight premier. He made a deal with the parents that if he had all A's, then he could skip school and come to the premier with me. He just barely scraped by in math. But dad hasn't seen it yet, so we're going again tonight! And this time he's paying! Yay. I need to post a review for that. It was... quite a show.

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