Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The jungle

I am now deep in the heart of finals week. The jungle. It's hot. And it's muggy. And it's very scary. Jaguars and stuff. I may or may not have seen a horde of chimpanzees while crossing in front of Durham. Stuff's getting weird...

But yeah, in all reality I'm almost done. All I have left is a paper to finish that I'll be emailing to my professor tonight. I had my jury this morning. That went pretty well. For those of you who don't know, a jury in the world of college music is the performance version of a final. I had my piano jury, which basically meant I walked in, played my memorized piece, they said thank you, and I left. So... that was my final. It was a little terrifying. Kind of like when I was 8 and I had a piano recital and I REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT. But my parents made me do it anyway and I was shaking the whole time, which really impedes a person's ability to play the piano, especially a child's ability. I had small fingers and my hand couldn't reach a whole octave. But I didn't just hate recitals when I was 8. I sort of always hated them. So did big brother. And probably little brother. They're just terrifying. Seriously.

SO... Since I'm done early, and so is cousin Carol, she has organized a marathon movie day tomorrow. Basically our TV will be going all day tomorrow and she's invited at least 50 people to drop by throughout the day. It should be fun. And totally exhausting. People exhaust me. I'm an introvert. AND THEN I GET TO GO HOME FOR BREAK. YAY. Although I always get a little bit nervous when big brother, little brother and I are together for extended periods of time. Especially when the parents aren't home because they don't get a Christmas break so it's just the three of us. Also they really like to beat me up.


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