Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Like, the TV show.
Cousin Carol is OBSESSED with this show, and thus it has become a fixture in our dorm every Monday and Tuesday night.
For those of you who don't know what The Voice is, it's a TV show on NBC that sort of follows in the tradition of American Idol in the way that people audition and make it through different rounds until there's only one left. The difference is, the four celebrity judges pick people to put on their teams and then they're competing as well (for bragging rights). It's pretty good.
But Carol and I make it super awesome by HAVING A COMPETITION OF OUR OWN. We watch the blind auditions (which is the part at the beginning of the season where they select their teams) and we pick team of our own. Then we get to root for them throughout the whole show and have our own bragging rights if we win! I TOTALLY KICKED HER BUTT LAST SEASON. MY PEOPLE TOOK 1ST AND 2ND AND NONE OF HER ORIGINAL PICKS EVEN MADE IT TO THE TOP 5.
We've begun selecting for the current season. I'm feeling good about my current picks.
I'm going to destroy her.
I think I'm addicted to competing over stupid things that don't actually require any effort.


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