Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Guys... I'm so lame. So boring. I have nothing to say because I am lame right now. I'm so sorry.

OH WAIT. One thing did happen.
I lit a good chunk of my hair on fire ligjting bottle rockets and now I have to pin this weirdly short section of hair up every morning because it won't stay in my freaking ponytail. So that happened.

Um... School is starting in almost exactly a month, which I'm okay with. I might get to actually see my friends again.

Also, I OFFICIALLY HAVE A SCHOOL YEAR JOB! The non-profit organization I've been interning with this summer just asked me to stay on during he school year. I'M SO EXCITED. Everyone is so nice and the job is great and I won't have to go get a new job and relearn where everything is. So I'm very happy about that.

I will be moving soon. It will be quite a drastic change. Nearly 1000 feet away from my previous dorm location AND ON THE SECOND FLOOR. I'll have to take stairs everyday. Ew.


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