Saturday, October 18, 2014


So, it's fall break and I'm sort of home for the weekend. I had to stop at Wal-mart on the way in because I owed little brother a pint of Ben & Jerry's because he's extremely stubborn and won't let anything go, and while I was at said Wal-mart I ran into one of my library moms who told me that apparently there are some people out there who are angry with me because I haven't been posting...
To be honest, the main reason behind that is because I'm sort of boring a lot of the time and if I don't find myself interesting then how can I expect you guys to?
But, here we go. I'll attempt to be funny for your sakes.

Anyway, tonight you guys are getting some football.
Just a brief background for you: I come from a household where if there is football on, our TV is on. It doesn't matter who's playing; college, NFL, some obscure Alaskan team that no one's ever heard of - we're watching it. It's how I was raised.
Husker football is less of a hobby and more of a religion in Nebraska
We are crazy.
We're a fiercely dedicated yet temperamental legion of fans. Our severe loyalty and passion makes us rather dangerous because it means the mood of the entire state from September to January depends on what a bunch of college kids do for three hours every week. (We're playing Northwestern right at this very minute and by the way this first quarter is starting it looks like this is going to be a bad week.)
Some questions I have regarding tonight's game: Is Tommy going to attempt a short passing game? Is Kenny going to go out before half yet again because of his mysterious groin injury? Will Westerkamp successfully catch a pass between his legs without looking? Will Cotton be able to remain upright?

I'm considering making a little tab section thingy just for sports musings.... hm...

Well, that's all you get for now.
I'll try really hard to be better at updating. (If only for Dave's sake.)


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