Saturday, October 25, 2014

I am like a bored housewife talking about the weather and holiday decorations.

It's been a week... so I have to post. I'm trying to keep to a weekly schedule at the very least. And I know that it's been a week because I'm watching Husker football again.

Would it be lame if I talked about the weather? Too late.
I HATE THIS WEATHER. IT WAS 80 DEGREES YESTERDAY AND NOVEMBER STARTS IN LESS THAN A WEEK. My closet is full of sweaters and leggings and cute hats that I can't wear because I'll drown in my own sweat! Everyone's talking about how beautiful it is and how they never want winter to arrive and all I'm thinking is, 'IF YOU DON'T WANT WINTER THEN MOVE TO FLORIDA'. I want to bake and eat chili and WEAR HATS. I JUST WANT TO WEAR MY CUTE HATS. My roommate and I have had many long discussions about this. Every time it dips below 60 we come bursting out of our rooms yelling, 'Sweater weather!'

Our dorm is currently strung with Christmas lights (because there are no rules against Christmas lights in a college dorm. It's not tacky to keep them up year round. It's whimsical) and a ton of plastic pumpkins and fake leaves. (One of the roommates went a little nuts at Hobby Lobby.) BUT in our storage closet we have SO MUCH CHRISTMAS STUFF THAT I'M SO EXCITED TO PUT UP. We have a fake fireplace made of rather large pieces of construction paper, (it sounds lame but I promise it's not) and we have tissue paper flames with it (TOUCHDOWN HUSKERS) and stockings with all of our names and I WANT TO PUT IT UP SO BAD. I want to get out the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and put it on our little table. I've already started buying Christmas presents. I have two of them in my bottom desk drawer.

I am so boring.


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