Thursday, January 1, 2015


Okay. I'm getting a little deep today.
I wrote this at like 3AM last night.

So it's a new year. January first, which will be followed by January second, then third, and so on. Yet despite this being another day in a long line of other days, we ascribe it a special importance. Who decided that this would be the do-over date? All a year represents is the cycle of the earth around the sun. Who decided when the cycle "restarted"? I have many questions. One of which is: what are my resolutions this year? That's always the question they ask. Everyone always has an answer. Go to the gym three times a week. Quit eating fast food. Stop drunk texting him. Stop sober texting him. Either way the result is the same.
We let a calendar decide when we want to be a new person. As if today is so much different than yesterday and the fact that it's now "2015" means that I'll have more willpower. False. I have the same amount of willpower. Which is none.

My resolution is this: I will not make a resolution. I will not start this year by picking apart what I think is wrong with me and endeavoring to fix it. I will be me, a person who is a total delight filled with sarcasm and great fun at parties and if at some point in the future if I decide that I don't like something that I do, then I'll change it. But I won't start this year believing parts of me are mistakes.


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