Thursday, February 12, 2015

Face Mask


Truth be told, I found this on Pintrest.
Yes, I'm just another white girl looking up skincare techniques on the internet.
here goes...

So we all know those Biore nose strips, right?
The ones made famous for little girls like me in the first Princess Diaries when she unceremoniously ripped it off when faced with her spurned crush, Michael.
They're very simple - you wet it and put it on your nose and let it harden and then peel it off. Yes, it sort of hurts. It hurts less if you just rip it off, but it's far less effective that way. Like they say, beauty is pain.
I found a recipe on Pintrest to make one for your whole face. A face mask of sorts.


1 tablespoon of knorr unflavored gelatin
1&1/2 tablespoons of milk

Mix them together (IN A PLASTIC CUP OR SOMETHING YOU'RE OKAY WITH THROWING AWAY I WILL NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE TWICE) and put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.
Apply it to your face with like a popsicle stick (SOMETHING YOU CAN THROW AWAY) quickly! It hardens really fast.
Then you wait it out.

The first time I tried it I only put it on my nose because I was vaguely concerned about slapping this weird mix of stuff on my whole face.

NOTE TO ALL: Don't put it too close to your eyes because your eyelashes with get stuck in it and it will hurt like a mother and you'll lose half your eyelashes.
It did sort of hurt when I was pulling it off but that probably mostly due to the eyelash pluckage.
I decided that I'm pretty sure it worked... the skin around my nose feels smoother and stuff. However, I was still scared to do it to my whole face.

So I texted my friend Maggie and informed her that I would be arriving at her house in the evening and she had to do it with me.
Fast forward to that evening:

She agreed that it smelled super weird and we just stood there in her bathroom applying this stuff to our faces and trying not to drip it in our hair. (I got a ton of it in my eyebrow).
We then sat back to wait until it hardened. (You can tell just by touching it when it's ready.)

The problem is that when it hardens and sinks into your pores and stuff it also takes a tight grip on any of the little hairs or peach fuzz on your face. It's just like those nose strips. So it sort of hurts when you peel it off. It's doesn't hurt that bad, it's just... Uncomfortable. We were standing in her bathroom making these really weird noises as we peeled it off. I was terrified for my eyebrows but it turns out if you just apply water with like a washcloth it comes right out. So I still have my eyebrows! Yay!

Maggie and I both agreed that the pain was worth it and our faces feel softer and that we would do it again.
So there you go. There's my stolen Pintrest face mask.

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  1. Who discovered this and why did they put it on their face? At what point can we be certain that everything with every thing has been attempted?