Friday, February 20, 2015


I’m going off of sugar.
Oh ****. It freaks me out to say that.

It's not like a lent thing, or anything, it's potentially permanent...

My mom is taking this ‘naturopath’ technique with some of my health issues, and she has me taking like 8 vitamins a day and these special drops in my water. She wanted me to go off of gluten but that is a NOOO. I think I could learn to live without out candy and ice cream, BUT I REFUSE TO GIVE UP BREAD, TACOS, CHINESE FOOD, FRIED SHRIMP, THIS LIST COULD GO ON FOR YEARS, you get my point. So sugar it is.
Not all sugar, of course. I’ll still eat fruit and other natural sugars. I’m just trying to cut the processed stuff out. But it’s still going to be very rough. Especially right on the heels of Valentine’s day, so there’s all sorts of chocolate lying around. I’m telling myself that I’m ‘WEANING’ off of it, which basically means that I’m still going to eat everything in the dorm, but I’m going to go slowly, and I’m not going to buy anymore.

Another big problem is that my boss is addicted to chocolate. She calls it crack. That’s what she refers to it as in conversation. Today, for example, she called ahead and asked if anyone had any requests. Then she arrived with an entire bag (INCLUDING MALTED ROBIN EGGS WHICH ARE MY FAVORITE) and told us that it’s all free game, and then passed around one of those heart boxes of Valentine’s chocolate.
She’s an enabler.
I’m so screwed.

My current plan is just drown myself in fruit, to settle the cravings with natural sugars to take the edge off and then hopefully it’ll even me out and my roommate won’t have to sit on me to keep me from running to Walmart and gorging myself right there in the candy aisle.


Well nope. I wrote the first part of this post several hours ago and now it’s nighttime and I have to tell you guys that my dad made cookies and I had like 6 of them. I’m already off the wagon.



  1. Doesn't sugar come from plants? That seems pretty natural to me...

    1. PROCESSED SUGAR, DAVE. It's only been 2 hours and I'm already breaking down..

  2. I don't think your mom said anything about gluten....