Monday, May 4, 2015

Finals week!

That's not really true though. Last week (which is supposed to be dead week) was basically finals week too. I had three final paper due, which I stayed up until 1:30 three consecutive nights to finish. I had another one due last night and then my American lit final today. It was another online one, just like my midterm.

Online finals are a tricky business. They can be really good for some people and really bad for others. They're really good for me because I feel more relaxed and I can get up to use the bathroom and fill my water and briefly pet my dog for a bit.
They can be really bad for those who are easily distracted (WHICH IS NOT ME CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF).

Anyway, MY FINAL. The midterm was terrible and this one was structure the same so I expected it to be terrible as well.
And it was.
Luckily there wasn't very much discussion on the whole structuralism/post-structuralism debate, though there was a lot of Modernism/Postmodernism, so I was able to just use all of the structuralism/post-structuralism stuff and then I wasn't rehashing the same thing in four essays. Yeah, IT WAS AN ESSAY TEST. I had two hours and there were FIVE OF THEM. I ran out of time, actually.

OH. And midway through the test the air-conditioning guy came and he was messing with the breakers and he TURNED OFF THE INTERNET AND I ALMOST HYPERVENTILATED BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T COME BACK ON AND IT WAS A TIMED ONLINE TEST. I lost like 10 minutes and I was terrified.

But I managed to get it done before time ran out, I just didn't get to go back and edit anything.

BUT IT'S DONE. And now I don't have anything until Thursday.
It's actually really weird.
I've been super internally stressing over the paper due last night (that I put off until last night) and this final and now they're both done and I have nothing to super stress over.
Not sure what to do.



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