Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zombies, Run! Part 1


So this Zombie app was way more hardcore than I expected.

I started out in a helicopter and we were going to this little township surrounded by zombies. They didn't tell me why I was going there and it was all very mysterious. Then BAM. WE ARE SHOT OUT OF THE SKY BY A ROCKET LAUNCHER. WHAT?! I escape. (Of course.) but my pilot is not so lucky. I picked up a radio as I was running away and a guy with a sweet British accent starts talking to me, telling me how amazing it is that I survived and telling me where to run to. Oh yeah. And that the zombies are chasing me. He also alluded to the story of his girlfriend (runner 5) running out to the old field hospital and getting taken by the zombies. Then he decides to NAME ME RUNNER 5. AND SEND ME TO SWING BY THE FIELD HOSPITAL FOR SUPPLIES. DOESN'T THAT SITUATION SOUND ODDLY FAMILLIAR? Anyway, I picked up some stuff, and made it back to the base where I was met with guys with guns who shielded my entrance to the base. And APPARENTLY, I picked up some top secret document at the hospital that is possibly of vital importance but of course they couldn't tell me whether or not it was, so maybe I risked my life for the recipe to peanut butter. I guess I'll have to wait for my next run to find out. (Also the guys with guns killed the British guy(whose name is Sam)'s former-girlfriend-turned-zombie named Alice. It was pretty traumatic. Also there was a doctor named Meyers in there somewhere. I'll be sure to inform you of my progress as I continue....

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