Monday, November 4, 2013

Psychological Experiments

So you've all heard of Pavlov's dogs right? The guy who would ring a bell every time he fed his dogs and over time every time he rang the bell they would salivate, whether he was feeding them of not. Then there's 'The Office' version in which Jim trains Dwight to expect an altoid every time he shut down his computer. WELL I HAVE BEGUN MY OWN EXPERIMENT. AND IT IS SUCCEEDING.
So my cousin Carol (whom I live with) has this issue where she says "true story bro" ALL THE FREAKING TIME. And I have expressed to her how much I disapprove and hate this. So about two weeks ago I started slapping her every time she said it. No matter where we were or what was happening. (I was even forced to hit her in church once). And she just admitted to me a few minutes ago that's ITS WORKING. She is consciously repressing using those three words when she's around me to avoid getting slapped. She says she hates that it's working but she has no choice but to admit that it is.
I feel so accomplished and kick. ass.
So be prepared. I may begin conducting sociological experiments on random people. You've been warned.


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