Friday, October 18, 2013

Mystery of the Roses

Okay. Mystery time.

So today between the hours of noon and 12:30 someone left a dozen roses in front of the door to my apartment. We have all asked out respective friends and parents and none of them claim credit. It's driving us crazy. Here are several reasons why.
1. Under normal circumstances the flowers would be delivered to the clubhouse and then we would be contacted and told to get them there
2. We live in a building the requires a card to gain entrance
3. None of us can think of any plausible reason why someone would leave us flowers
4. There is no card with the flowers
So, after a few hours of insanity, Niki (the roommate who is the RA) went to the clubhouse and got access to the security cameras.
The perpetrator managed to keep their face averted from the camera the entire time, but based on the hair, we have come to the conclusion that I it is a girl I will call 'Annie' who lives in our building. But this then begs the question, why would a random girl in our building leave us flowers. We suspect that someone asked her to deliver them because she has access to our building. We then ventured to her room and knocked on the door, intending to question her further. Unfortunately, no one was home. We are now sitting in our room with the door propped open, watching for her or any of her roommates so that we can interrogate them on the 'Mystery of the Roses'. (We're still working on a more clever code name.)

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  1. Get used to apartment full of cute girls can expect to get lots of anonymous flowers in the future.