Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The essence of power

I just got out of my debate class.
And oh. my. goodness.
One of the groups did their debate on who was the better actress in 'American Hustle'. (Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence) And it was the funniest thing I have seen all week.
My favorite line was probably "trying to squeeze the last bit out of her toothpaste tube of talent" (describing Amy Adams). It's probably not funny to you guys, but just know that it was the weirdest, most hilarious debate I have ever seen. If the presidential debates were more like that one then maybe people would actually show an interest in politics.

That was actually really fun. I HAD SO MUCH POWER. THEY WERE AT MY MERCY. I WAS THE SCARIEST PERSON IN THE ROOM as opposed to being the most scared person in the room.
THEY EVEN HAD TO ASK MY PERMISSION TO LEAVE. They had to say, "may I be excused?" And I had the choice to say NO! I never did of course, because there was no reason to make them stay, BUT I STILL HAD THE OPTION.
The power trip definitely went to my head. I even got to judge finals at one of them and that was really cool. I may or may not be judging again this Friday, depending on if they need me. My ego is continuously inflated every round I judge. Every kid that waits for me to start the stopwatch. Every request to leave the room. Every offer to go and get me another score sheet because I wasn't given enough.
I wonder if this is what God feels like.


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