Tuesday, April 7, 2015

College field trips are so fab


Okay, so I had a field trip for art today. (College fields trips are totally fab by the way.) We had a school bus that picked us up and we went to a mural downtown and a big pioneer thing also downtown and then these big stone things in Elmwood park, etc. We were even on a school bus. It was very nostalgic and super awesome. If all of my classes had field trips it would make college so much better.

ANYWAY, the fun trip came after we were done and on our way back to campus. So the driver missed the 'right to go left' loop thing and without that we would have had to go all the way down dodge and turn off onto 72nd or something and he didn't want to do that. There's a little stop light between campus and 72nd where people often make U-turns to avoid 72nd.
Keep in mind we're in a SCHOOL BUS.
So he decides that we're going to U-turn. He's basically taking up two lanes in preparation to make a wide turn and people are honking as they go by and it's this huge mess, and THEN HE ACTUALLY TAKES THE U-TURN and people are still honking and he's basically halted traffic and he's yelling, "YEAH, YOU LIKE THAT?" And then because it's only 4 lanes he HAD TO BACK UP AND REALIGN and so he's yelling, "YOU'RE GONNA LIKE THIS EVEN MORE." And we're all in the back holding onto our seats and laughing so hard until he finally righted the bus and managed to get us back to campus and it was the greatest bus ride of my life and I have been on many bus rides.


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  1. Oh how very entertaining! I never had college field trips. Only band trips to FL.