Wednesday, April 22, 2015

End of the semester whatever

Finals are in two weeks.
I have 4 papers due in the next 10 days and I'm either working, in class, or working on them. Or sleeping.

So summer will be here shortly and I will be back to working full time (that's what I do in the summer) and I'll be even more boring than I am right now. 9-5 in an office. So very adult.

The sugar thing is still on track! I actually bought Jack a chocolate chip muffin a few days ago (because I bribe him with baked goods to do his math homework) and I ate some of it and didn't even like it. It was too sweet. Which is great! I'm detoxing to the point where I don't like it!

Oh! So a few days ago I made a decision. Well, about a week ago, really. It was a momentous occasion and I've slowly been informing all of my friends of my great plan and they've all been very supportive so far.
So here it is. My decision.
I'm going to start dressing like an adult.
*jazz hands*
Specifically, a mid to late 20's adult.
High heeled boots and blazers. You should see my Pinterest right now. It's insane.
I have a friend (Kendra) who is basically my personal shopper/stylist and we've discussed what this future fashion movement looks like for me and she's going to help me achieve it.
We'll build slowly (don't worry mom, I won't go crazy right away) and fill my wardrobe with only specifically chosen, pre-approve pieces. This last weekend black jeans were bought. Next on the list is a grey blazer.
So yes. There's my very anti-clamatic, life altering decision.
It's all about confidence! I'm now at a place in my life where I want to put forth the effort and I actually have the effort to put forth and I want to do this. For myself.
So I'm going to start building my mid to late 20's adult wardrobe and be awesome and make all of the other 'age appropriate'ly dressed college students super jealous.
(I wore a blazer all day yesterday. To classes and everything.)

Also I got my hair cut today. This was a very cosmetic based post. Also very boring. But you're the one who took the time to read it, so that's on you. No complaining.


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  1. Welcome to adulthood! Some adults do blog often...