Saturday, July 27, 2013


I fully believe that I am going to develop a bleeding ulcer by the time I'm 20.

So my dad had carpal tunnel surgery last Friday and I was the one who drove him there and waited and then drove him home. I had to put his socks and shoes on him at the hospital because his hands were all bandaged up and then when we stopped to get his happy drugs I was getting out of the car and he calls to me, "Get the boys some chips! There's no chips at home and they should have some chips. And I wouldn't say no to a donut." Then when we got home I had to cut his donut into little pieces for him. He spent the rest of the day dozing off through a marathon of Lord of the Rings. You can learn a lot about a person with the aid of legal pharmaceuticals.

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  1. How is your dad doing? You are going to make a great nurse someday!