Wednesday, July 24, 2013


DINNER AT THE ROSENAU FAMILY HOUSEHOLD: (we ate at 9:15 pm tonight)

Background: so for the last month and a half Sam has been at camp as a counselor so it's just been mom, dad, and me. Tonight we were discussing how Sam is taking a lot of music classes this semester and whether or not he's going to go out for cross country or the musical. Mom and I are thinking the musical and my dad is like... Eh...
(He's not really into the drama thing) then mom and I were talking about what if Sam wants to do the young Americans when he graduates (google it) and dad was like:

Dad: no way, I'm shipping him off to Annapolis.
Mom: he can't swim.

(Annapolis is a naval academy)

It's probably not that funny to you guys but discussing the black sheep-ness of my little brother always makes me laugh.

He also has a big thing for bro tanks right now. His favorite one is a sunset one and he looks like that surfer from Remember The Titans. Dad and I have taken to calling him 'Sunshine'.


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