Monday, August 12, 2013

Family legacy

Little brother got my old algebra 2 textbook! He sent me this
(I was the one who taught him to text in class. This is an age old wisdom that was passed down to me from my older brother when I got my first phone at age 13.)
Mom, if you're reading this, disregard everything in parenthesis.

And now for a monologue by me, Nicole Rosenau:
So little brother started his sophomore year of high school today (so proud) and I feel really weird about this whole not-being-in-high-school-anymore thing. I was able to justify not being there today in my head by saying stuff like, "Maybe I had a really long dentist appointment." Or, "A funeral. I was at a funeral." But not being there tomorrow... IT JUST FEELS SO STRANGE. It's like I've been in high school for my whole life (I don't even remember middle school. Like at all. Maybe I was hit on the head first day of freshmen year or something.) Kind of sad, actually. Not being in high school makes me sad. I'm in limbo. Weird world. I mean, I've spent all of my life trying to achieve what I have now achieved and I should be OVER-FREAKING-JOYED but instead I kind of feel out of place. Like I'm missing something.

Sorry for that wonderfully put together melodramatic tirade. MOVING ON.
I haven't been posting super a lot lately, BUT THAT IS ALL GOING TO CHANGE. I HOPE. I start college in two weeks. (Two weeks from today is my first day of class.) And hopefully I will have more excitement and adventures to tell you all about.

Until then,

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