Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The chosen one

About a week ago I was chosen to clean out the fridge at work. It's a very auspicious task and I was chosen from many highly capable individuals. BUT I WAS CHOSEN.

The reason I had to do this was because a sticky brown substance had congealed at the bottom and my boss decided that tonight would be the night it was cleaned. I thought that I would just do the bottom, wipe out the drawers, and be done.

But, oh. How wrong I was.

We're a library. We're a bunch of nice ladies who like books and kids and helping people. We should eat low fat microwave dinners and keep some pop and condiments in the fridge. Right? WRONG. WRONG ON SO MANY HORRIFYING LEVELS.

It took me an hour, 2 packages of paper towels, and many half strangled yells of, "Ew! What is this! You guys are disgusting!"

Moldy leftover takeout food, yogurt that expired two years ago, and multiple unopened expired tubs of ranch dip.

I found this in the back.

That's actually not the grossest thing I found. I'm not going to show you the grossest thing because I didn't want to hold it long enough to take a picture of it.


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