Sunday, August 4, 2013


Family game night....

Big brother came home for a few days and after a viewing of the Phantom Menace, dad decided we were going to play a game...

(Brief discussion on Star Wars Episode I: the Padme/Anakin age thing. She is supposedly 14. What democracy in their right mind elects a 14 girl their queen? And he is supposedly 9. A sassy nine year old. And they eventually fall in love. Throughout the whole movie little brother has been saying things like, "Don't worry, you'll see her again. You'll kill her!")

Rosenau game nights never end well. Monopoly never fails to end in bitter alliances, tears, and week long bouts of the silent treatment. One time we had to have a family meeting afterwards and we haven't played it since.

(Right now my dad is holding his finger an inch from my mom's face, saying, "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!")
We're playing 'the train game' this evening (also known as Ticket to Ride) because it's little brothers favorite games. The problem is, it is a game that uses color matching as part of the playing and both dad and big brother are so color blind it's comical. The last few minutes have been, "Hand me that grey one." "That's pink." "Then what is that one?" "That's purple." "No it's not."
It's like they refuse to believe that they are colorblind even though liscensed professionals have confirmed it. 

"Play the flipping cards, woman." -sassy dad

The very first thing he did was line up all of his train cars in rows.
He's also whistling.

Big brother is now withholding points because "mom is making him angry".
"I am not happy. I want a re. do." -big brother having tantrum

A few months ago my mom bought my dad a shirt that's days, "Haters gonna hate" and he's now promising that he's going to wear it everyday on our winter vacation. He's also claiming that he's going to speak "gangster" the whole time. (Gangster translates to saying things like: Word. and, Fo shizzle.) big brother is now saying that it's him or the shirt. And if the shirt goes, he doesn't.

I GOT ANOTHER RAINBOW. They're all resenting me because I get all the rainbows. 
Haters gonna hate.


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