Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh the horrors

So tonight at work (library) I head over to the JNF section (juvenile non-fiction) to find the very heart of my darkest nightmares come to life. Some kids (more along the lines of the devil incarnate) have DESTROYED it. And when I say 'destroyed' I don't mean like three books are out of place (that's probably what you all think librarians mean when they say destroyed).


I mean they have taken entire shelves of books and mashed them together then shoved them back onto the shelves in jumbled masses, upside down, open, completely out of order, spilling out onto the floor. It was madness. I looked at it, then looked up the ceiling and prayed for God to take me right then and spare me from having to clean up this.

It took me an hour.

You're welcome, Dusk!
Also, shout out to Dusk's husband and his resplendent beard for reading my blog every night.
(I told Celeste I would use resplendent in this post.)


1 comment:

  1. Excellent use of the word resplendent.....two excellent posts in a row, even if I am one of the library ladies you disparaged by publishing our dirty little (refrigerator) secret. Your continue to impress with your literary gifts my young padawan....keep it up!