Sunday, October 13, 2013

I don't know how to title things

I have received many concerned text messages about the blood.

I'm debating on whether or not I should tell you or if I should just let this go on for a few more days....


Well, in other news, I have spring break in a week and I'm so excited because I will get to spend 4 days with Tank! I miss him so much.

Look! Here is is being super adorable. He has this new skill where sometimes if you throw a tennis ball he'll chase it down  the hill and then come sprinting back up with it, but then he won't give it back. But half the time he gets distracted by something that smells interesting and forgets the ball and then someone has to go down and get the ball. Also, he keeps rolling in deer poop. Dad is not thrilled with him.

But he's so freaking cute!
I love him.

SETH WAS HERE YESTERDAY. He flew in from Texas and he came to see me before his parents! I felt very special. And he told me that he's taking a ballroom dance class for a physical exercise credit and he showed me a few steps around the living room.

I totally sucked at it but he was very patient.

Okay. I'm going to tell you.

The "official story" is that someone dragged a garbage bag with hamburger blood in it down from the third floor. But there was WAY TOO MUCH BLOOD FOR THAT. Maybe if they had a whole dead cow in the bag...

I'm still sticking with murder.
They're doing a cover-up.
I can feel it.



  1. cute to see you guys together again. And I must say I'm relieved about that update on all that blood in the stairwell.

  2. I'm with you I bet it's murder anyone missing? Or it could be a satanic worship. Or it could be someone playing a prank. You two are so cute together!ch