Monday, October 14, 2013


I'm spoiling you guys.

But I'm still avoiding that paper and candy crush was getting boring.

So Mariah and I are sitting here on her dorm room floor surrounded by papers and notebooks and calculators and empty cans of diet coke and her room is kind of a mess (mine is too) and we're not really talking except to complain about how much we have to get done and how long we've been putting off and then I was just like, 'huh'. So this is college. Well then.

After nearly a month and a half of college life this is what I would describe it as:
netflix, cheap food, staying up too late, caffeine overdoses, avoiding responsibility and adulthood, lots of crying.
The majority of us behave like toddlers at any given moment, throwing tantrums because we need a nap and eating things we shouldn't.
We get emotional about stupid things like being out of hot pockets and missing an episode of Grey's Anatomy.
We wait until we have absolutely nothing to wear and then finally do laundry every two weeks while wearing a swim suit as underwear and a pair of sweatpants with a hole in the butt.
College isn't glamorous. Most of us wear sweatpants at least five times a week, and we spend all of our free time asleep.
We're always thinking about food, but we can't afford to buy any.
Lunch is Cheerios straight out of the box and heating up a freezer meal is considered ambitious.
Forget about going out to dinner and a movie with your friends because you don't even have enough money to buy a new pair of socks.
We are the ones who are crying at 2am because we're so tired but have been putting off this Biology project for a month and it's considered a great accomplishment if we remember to put on deodorant.
This is college.



  1. Well then, that about sums it up. Growing up can be such a bi*te! But it has it's advantages. Being independent has it's pros and cons doesn't it? love you !

  2.'s just like I remembered it.