Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I've been reading a lot lately. Like A LOT. Sometimes I look up and I forget who I am and where I am and then it comes back to me and I'm like, 'oh crap. I have a paper due at midnight.' And at that point I kind of wish I was being chased by the government through the swamps of Panama. Unfortunately, I am 19-year-old white girl in Nebraska who can't survive three hours without her iPhone so that's just not going to happen. Actually, I was home last weekend, and when I got there I realized I had forgotten my charger. My mother tried to convince me that I could go two days without it but instead I made her drive me to Walmart to buy a new one. I am such a stereotype, it's not even funny.

But back to reading. Hopefully I will be posting some review's soon. I have a paper due in two days that I really need to start on so it maybe be a few days. That and I've been watching a lot of football. I'M SO EXCITED THAT IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON. I watch it day and night. I don't care who's playing. I'm like a boy. I was raised in a house were if there was football on TV, we were watching it. It's like a religion almost. My mom starts to get really sick of it around January, but dad has all us kids brainwashed, so we outnumber her. GO PACKERS.

I'm currently at my friend Caitlin's dorm and we are sitting on opposite ends of her bed, each on our own laptops. Aren't you proud, mom? I'm socializing!

Okay. Now it's time to call some people out. I'm not sure who's still reading this but I'll give it my best shot.
Dusk & Celeste - You need to take me to another movie. I miss my bonding time.
Wendy & Connie - You should email me. Because I miss you but I don't know what to say if I email first.
Dave - I'm just impressed you're still reading the blog at all.



  1. I do like football!! But after awhile it all starts looking the same.
    Procrastination = anxiety! Good luck on your paper. i know you can knock it out of the park :) love you
    ps I don't think sitting on opposite ends of the couch with laptops qualifies as "socializing." just sayin

  2. I like football and I have a goodread account so I'm moving up thank you very much. Glad too see that your socializing!(ch)