Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adult Easter

My father has informed me that we will not be having an Easter egg hunt this year. This is the first year in the history of my life that I will not be getting an Easter egg hunt. I was in hysterics when he told me.

He said it's because we were really mean.
For the last few years we haven't had "traditional" candy hunts. Instead, he would buy us each a big present (I usually got a new Coach purse) and then would hide clues in eggs and we would have to find our big present at the end. BUT THE CLUES WERE SO HARD. IT WOULD TAKE HOURS. And then big brother and I would get really frustrated and start being really mean because WE COULDN'T FIND OUR THING and dad says that he doesn't want to have to go through that kind of emotional abuse again.
I'm so sad.
But he was such a good hider! They were really hard clues and I'm a very competitive person and I wanted to beat the boys and after three hours of searching and trying to decipher some REALLY difficult/vague clues you would probably get abusive too!

So no Easter egg hunt. I know I'm a freshman in college but I still want a hunt.

Also, it sucks when you can start to buy your own Easter candy at the store because it's like the magic is gone. It used to be that I wouldn't be able to have a cadbury creame egg until Easter Sunday when I found it in the hunt. But now I can just drive to Walmart and buy 15 of them. The magic is done. Being an adult sucks.


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