Monday, April 7, 2014

should I really post this?

So two friends and I went shopping this evening (Plato's Closet) and it was very fun. WHICH IS SO WEIRD BECAUSE I ACTUALLY HATE SHOPPING. Like, I hate it. Seriously. It's exhausting, and it takes forever, and I feel fat in everything I try on. But that last bit is probably just because I live in America and in America most girl feel fat in everything. Which sucks. But anyway, we went, and we even had that stereotypical changing room montage where we all come out in our outfits that we try on and it's like we're in a nineties chick flick. And I found these really jeans and when we getting ready to go and I was talking about them and the guy who ran the changing rooms was like, "The Levis? You gettin' the Levis?" And I had to dig through everything to find them and confirm that yes, they were the Levis, and then he said, "Good, cause those were a good choice. Those looked niiice." And he pulled the word nice out really long in a funny way. But I felt very affirmed. And I told him so. I said, "Thank you for that lovely positive affirmation." And he smiled at me. It was a very nice trip. I got some really cute, versatile tops that will be lovely for these upcoming summer months. If summer ever actually shows up. It appears that there is no real guarantee.

I cannot believe I just did a blog post about shopping. How completely white-girl of me. And it is slightly disgusting. Please forgive me. This will not happen again.


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