Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kernels of Philosophy

I have a very deep, philosophical question that I would like to pose for you tonight.

Is it better to have a small amount of unburnt popcorn, or a large amount of burnt popcorn?

I ask this because tonight, I decided to pop a bag of kettle corn. Just a bit of background: I love kettle corn. It is my favorite. I know so many people who hate kettle corn and will always only eat that mediocre buttery stuff. So anyway, I was popping it and such and listening for the length between pops, because that's how my mother taught me how to judge when it's done and then it got to the point where pops were still happening, but they were getting further apart, but then I was getting worried about if the rest of it was going to burn, but what if it wasn't burnt and I pulled it out early and only had half a bag or popcorn? Because everybody knows that you can't put popcorn back in the microwave, because that just doesn't work.
This is a very serious issue that I am worrying about.


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