Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pile of Dead Bodies

So. As promised.


I really have no adventure stories. I am about as interesting as a wet piece of paper. Plain paper. Not that fancy neon stuff.

Raisin cookies that look exactly like chocolate chip cookies are the main reasons I have trust issues.
Yesterday dad brought home cookies with dinner and half were raisin and half were chocolate chip and I picked a raisin and I am just like, "WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BUY RAISIN. WHO EATS THAT."
Kind of a traumatic moment.

Mom just told me that the cabin we're going to for our vacation in two weeks doesn't have wifi. She looked me right in the eye and said, "We're roughing it." Then I started to cry. Because wifi is basically water. My mother is stranding us without WATER FOR FIVE DAYS. 
I won't survive. And you guys won't get blog updates. :(

OH. A few days ago dad and I were talking about something involving peer pressure and be said, "If everyone else jumped off of a bridge would you?" And I replied, completely straight-faced, "Yes, because there would a pile of dead bodies at the bottom to land on." He paused, then said, "What if was an indefinite free fall?" I then said, "It wouldn't matter because I would be falling forever." 

I'm his favorite kid.


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