Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scattered showers

So I got this new iPhone a week ago. Part of me is resigned to the fact that now I'm just another white girl with an iPhone, but oh well. At least I waited! I waited until I graduated high school. Which means absolutely nothing, but anyway.

So I have this device that's 85% glass and 15% metal and took billions of dollars of innovation and the worlds most brilliant minds working for years and years and what am I using it for?

I check the weather at least twice an hour. 

Seriously. The weather is my favorite thing ever. I have 4 weather apps.

I am such a freak.

Also I ripped my jesns at work today. 
I felt so weird.
It was at this awkward place on my inner thigh and I told Dusk and she just whispered, "Slut!" and then laughed and walked away.
(Random story. Weird story.)

Oop. It's time. Gotta check the weather.
Scattered showers predicted.


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