Thursday, May 30, 2013


What do you guys think about lightning? Like, if you were to be struck by lightning, would you be okay with it? People survive it. It'd be a great story to tell at parties. And if you didn't survive, would you be cool with dying that way? I think I would. You know, go out with a bang. Or a flash, as it were. ... I am so not funny.

Tank is afraid of sirens. They've been going off, and he freaks the crap out and starts, like, convulsing until they stop.
Also he peed on me today. Actually, physically on me. Which was gross.

I didn't post anything yesterday and I felt bad. For some reason I feel accountable to you, or something. Like I owe it to you to write about my stupidity at least once a day. Which is probably dumb.

Who first came up with the idea of a blog? Who first said, "oh hey, I would like to post my random thoughts and private journal entries for the whole world to see because OF COURSE they want to know the entire story of how your grandma knit you an ugly sweater for your eighth birthday and it was do awful and oh my gosh, angst angst angst." WHO CAME UP WITH THAT? And now it's like, a career for some people. This is America. People making money off of...blogging.


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  1. It's literature for the modern ages. People have been writing about their experiences since the first caveman painted the first cave it's just getting out their faster, and has a wider audience. Not weird, just new. Embrace the modern world my friend and blog on....