Saturday, April 20, 2013

Defibrillator Madness

Someone set off the defibrillator today. I was playing host again (District Music), taking showchoirs around and one school (I won't say which one) was waiting to go into the warm-up area. AND ONE OF THEIR BOYS SET OFF THE DEFIBRILLATOR. The thing was SO loud. Like a really high pitched fire alarm. Their director wouldn't let them go into warm-up until our assistant principal showed up ten minutes later. It was a really awkward ten minutes. And the guys from a different group kept talking to me. I had a name tag on, so they were continuously saying, "Hi, Nicole." "Thank you, Nicole." "Nicole, we appreciate your hostness." Nicole, Nicole Nicole. I think it's safe to say that they were A-FLIRTIN'. Oh well. It was funny. One of them even winked.

Okay, this post is really short but I am super tired because Emily and I stayed up TILL FREAKING TWO IN THE MORNING THEN GOT UP AT SEVEN and I had to be cheerful and awake all day, and I'm not cheerful or awake on my GOOD days, much less the ones where I go five hours of sleep. WILL SAY MORE TOMORROW. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, don't set off any defibrillators.


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