Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well... This is the very first entry. Which is a little bit awkward. But I need to post something because I am trying to figure out how this site works, and whenever I click 'View Blog', the page is EMPTY. On another note, when it asked me to pick my 'layout design' or whatever, there was an option called AWESOME INC. So, OF COURSE I PICKED THAT ONE. Who doesn't want an Awesome Inc. blog? I hope this is some kind sign that this blog will be awesome, and by the transitive property I will also be awesome. I just used the words 'transitive property'. MAYBE FIFTH GRADE MATH REALLY WAS GOOD FOR SOMETHING. MAYBE THE TWELVE YEARS I'VE PUT INTO PUBLIC EDUCATION HAVE ACTUALLY MEANT SOMETHING. Excuse me, thirteen years. I always forget to count kindergarten.

ANYWAY, since this is the first entry, I should probably say a little something about myself, an explanation as it were, as to why I started this blog. So here it is:
I am currently a senior in high school and will soon be graduating, released into the great unknown like a guppy into the ocean. (Guppy = me, ocean = college). For the past year and a half I have been employed by my city's oh-so-lovely public library. (Really, it's lovely. I'm a total nerd. I love my job.) I take it upon myself to bring joy and happiness to my fellow coworkers, entertaining them with my exploits and shenanigans. (wow, it counted shenanigans as a real word, no underlined spell-check thing) SO, a few days ago, Celeste, (a coworker who I hope does not mind that her name is now publicly on my blog, RELEASED TO THE UNIVERSE.) told me that, and I quote, "my life was colorless before I met you." I took this as the utmost of  compliments and asked her whatever would she do once I am gone? She replied... "START A BLOG". So here I am, keeping this record of my days, solely for the entertainment of all of those who care to read it. I hope to offer you many chuckles in the coming months.

I'm trying to figure out how to end this post. It's my first post. A monumental event. THIS IS IMPORTANT. How I finish this will forever set the precedent for THE REST OF EVERY POST. I mean, I supposed I could probably change it in the future, you know, just re-edit or whatever. But that feels wrong. Immoral or something. Like I'm lying. So this is it. The big moment. I'm still stalling. This is really hard. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? I could go simple, and say something like 'Nicki out', but that doesn't really flow... or I could say something foreign and sophisticated, like 'Ciao', But that's not really the way I roll. I'VE GOT IT. PREPARE YOURSELF.


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  1. You are a GREAT writer, and your off to an awesome start. I a honored to be mentioned--how color-less life used to be.