Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Aquaman...

SO TODAY... over lunch Marinna (AREN'T YOU EXCITED? YOU SAID YOU WANTED YOUR NAME ON THE BLOG SO THERE YOU GO.) were talking about A and B personalities. We are both 'A's. This is how she described it: "We are very obsessive and addictive (by addictive she means WE are the ones who get addicted to things. Take me and books for example.) and CONTROLLING. Very controlling. In contrast, a 'B' personality is very go-with-the-flow, laid back, etc. I AM SO AN 'A'. SO TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY.

So, Sam (my little brother) (he's a Freshman) has developed this habit of taking EXCRUCIATINGLY LONG showers. Like half an hour to 45 minutes. REALLY LONG. And there's this weird thing in our upstairs bathrooms where the water pressure sucks. So I can't shower while he's shower. We now have to coordinate our shower schedules because Sam needs a solid block of time. HE'S A BOY. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A THING. Also, tonight my dad renamed him Aquaman, saying that water is his natural habitat. I will be dispensing with his given name from now on. Aquaman it is...

"Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Aquaman...."

Sometimes I am so funny that I crack myself up.

Then other times I say things that I don't think are funny at all, AND EVERYONE LAUGHS AT ME. Like the cereal water thing. I forgot the word for milk and called it cereal water. IS THAT REALLY SO FUNNY? Also my French class lives to mock me. I sometimes get really lost and ask a question that I actually want the answer to and they just burst out laughing. EXAMPLE: one class we spent most the block using the word 'dabord' (or at least I think that's what it was). Over and over and over it was d'abord, d'abord, d'abord.  And finally, after about an hour of this, I asked "What are we boarding?" Turns out it meant train. This was six months ago and THEY STILL WON'T LET IT GO.

I suppose that's my purpose in life. Entertainment.

Sorry I didn't manage to get arrested yet. Maybe by the next post. Anyone have any creative suggestions?


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  1. You are on a roll my friend....good blogging. Just for the record, when I said you should post on your blog every day, or as close to every day as you can, I didn't mean just anything (like you can't just post a paragraph of smiley faces or the same word over and over) but each and every post doesn't have to be a brilliant diatribe....just share your thoughts and observations (like you did today--so funny!) it's good practice for your writing. :0)