Friday, April 19, 2013


DISTRICT MUSIC TODAY. The Blair 11/12 Band got a 1+ (which is the best rating!) AND IT WAS MY LAST HIGH SCHOOL BAND CONCERT. O-M-FREAKING-G. Then I had to "host", which means I led groups around and got REALLY BAD blisters on my feet from those STUPID heels. (But some of the Elkhorn boys were cute.) (Don't tell them I said that.) And I have to do it AGAIN TOMORROW. WHAT.

Also, I dry shaved this morning, and it HURTS LIKE A *****. I DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD HURTS THIS BAD. AND IT KIND OF ITCHES. BUT I CAN'T ITCH IT BECAUSE IT HUUUUURTS. And I just got out of the hottub, AND THAT REEEEAALY HURT. I talk a lot about the physical pain I inflict upon myself. Hm.

I drank bad milk today. Thought I was going to have to cut off my tongue because IT WAS REALLY GROSS. I scrubbed my tongue with my toothbrush. Still gross.

I don't have very much to say tonight. But I'm supposed to post EVERY DAY. BECAUSE APPARENTLY I HAVE FANS. I also like talking in capital letters, but for some reason, I don't use exclamation points. I guess it gives me this weird fervor without the sharp aftertaste. THAT didn't make sense. But I'm not deleting it, because I strongly believe that whenever you erase/delete things, they go back to that vacuum in the soul that doctors can't find but is slowly killing most Americans. JUST GET IT OUT EVERYONE.


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