Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bipolar Atmospheric Hell


Seriously. I graduate tomorrow and all I had today was a bunch of parties to go to but me and my party hopping buddy actually had to take nap breaks at my house because we are such total wimps. But they were wonderful.

It's just one of those days where it's really humid and your back is sweating and you spend a significant amount of time wondering if the sweat is showing on your shirt and your make up is melting and your hair is frizzy and you want to do nothing but lay on the ground in the air conditioning and imagine the way life could have been if you weren't in Nebraska, the land of extreme climate.

One second it's May, and it's snowing and we ALMOST GOT A SNOW DAY, and the next day we have broken the 100 degree barrier and I want to die.

That's my life. That is the life of the Midwest. Welcome to bipolar atmospheric hell.

I graduate high school tomorrow. WHAT? That's crazy.


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