Friday, May 24, 2013

Go me.

I have to get my wisdom teeth out.
This is me. Me being very sad.
Perhaps I will be able to get my mom to take a video of me high on the happy drugs and I can post it for you guys.
Or maybe that would be super embarrassing and I shouldn't do that.
I guess you'll just have to wait and see...

Wanna hear a story that was kind of funny and now it's not that funny?
So, I had to get a new planner (I like the paper ones. I'm old fashioned.) so I went to Walmart like any normal American would. And I FOUND THE EXACT PLANNER THAT I HAD THIS LAST YEAR. In blue. But that's okay. And it was in the wrong place so I didn't know the place so I just took it and when I went to pay, there was a price that came up. The cashier lady asked me if I knew what it cost and I said I didn't know, so I got it for 99 cents! Awesome right?!
Well... I took it home. And a week later I realized that it is a 2012 planner... which is the wrong year.
And that makes me very sad.
But mom got me a different one today.
One for the correct year.
So that makes me happy.
And she paid for it!
Which makes me even happier.

Tank cries all night.
And I don't sleep.
And it sucks.

But I have placement tests tomorrow and a puppy who cries so I am now going to bed at 8:01 on a summer night.
Go me.


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  1. Try putting a stuffed animal with him so that he has something to snuggle with. That is what we ahve done with our puppies and kittens, and it helps.