Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sarcastic Diva

Can I just stop for a second and say that Meg is perhaps them most kickass supporting female character in any Disney movie?
I'm writing my stupid literary criticism over a literary criticism and I'm watching Hercules (because Hercules is AWESOME. One of my faves for sure.)
Meg is such a sarcastic diva!
So fantastic.
She's all: 'Men are stupid'
And I'm all: 'You tell it girl'
And then she's just got him wrapped around her finger with her sassy attitude and ability to sweep her hair back in that ponytail. Seriously, I don't even know what to say. I wish I could be her.
(Plus, she has Hercules, and he's pretty hot.)
And she has the best comebacks.

I have included the video 'Zero to Hero', from Hercules, for your viewing and listening entertainment.

So I got a new planner yesterday. I had to go to Walmart, and the one I have now ends in June so I found the exact one I have now (except it's in blue) even though it was in the wrong section but when I took it to check out, the barcode didn't work. So the cashier asked me how much it was and it wasn't in the right place so I didn't know, SO I GOT IT FOR 99 CENTS. And it's a fancy one. Worth way more than 99 cents. So basically, I'm pretty happy about this arrangement. And I hot a new journal thing. I love journal things. And pens. And books.


(HERCULES' STRENGTH JUST GOT TAKEN. STUFF'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN. He's still, like, really muscular. Did that all just go away? I know he's not super strong, but it he at least averagely strong? Oh no. Heartbreak.)

Today we had 'Weiners for Seniors' in band. (Basically we just go to the band room for lunch and eat chips and hotdogs.) AND WE GOT THESE REALLY AWESOME NOSE WHISTLES. MOUNT DAWG GOT THEM FROM DIETZE THE MUSIC STORE. The juniors were getting so pissed off. But the whistles are actually really hard to use! You have to get it DIRECTLY over your nose and at the right angle and it's hard BUT I HAVE GOT IT and my parents are threatening to melt it down and suffocate me with it. Wonderful parenting. But Sam's not home yet, and when he gets back then they'll REALLY learn the full extent of my musical talents! (He plays the drums and our rooms share a wall. It's payback time.)

Here is a picture of a nose whistle.
It is a very complex piece of musical equipment.
Seriously. It's hard.


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  1. LOVE nose whistles! Santa brought my kids some a few years back....I think he also go them at Dietz. They do take some skill.