Monday, May 20, 2013

Hats With Feathers...

Well, dedicated readers, tomorrow is the day. TOMORROW I GET MY PUPPY. TANK. TANK MY PUPPY. TOMORROW WE GO TO GET HIM.

Today... I did almost nothing. Literally, almost nothing.

But I have a pre-nothing story. From my former high school days. (!!)

So, my AP English teacher is/was/and will forever be, crazy.
On our last day of class she strolled in wearing a FULL VICTORIAN COSTUME COMPLETE WITH HEADDRESS. And then she said, "Oh, how strange. By some strange form of space or time travel, I have found myself in your time and area." WHAT. She then proceeded to explain to us that she was Queen Elizabeth, and she would be teaching us for the class, because our professor was absent. She also spent the rest of class showing us slides of England, and saying things like, "And here is your professor standing outside of Shakespeare's former home." (Which was actually burned down.) She also got Clary to wear the male outfit. He didn't even question it. She pointed to this sparkly thing on a hanger and he took it and walked to the bathroom. IT HAD TIGHTS.
Then he just changed in the back of the room behind a giant styrofoam pharaoh and told us not to look.
It was one of the more entertaining class periods of my life.


That hat. It's just ridiculous.
And the tights. What.
Also, they're called 'pumpkin pants'.
And that's just fantastic.


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  1. Oh my goodness girl! That is an Elizabethan costume, not Victorian.....#facepalm.