Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nicole's Band Adventures Part 2

I promised.

OKAY.... what to write... what to write...
I have four years of these stories stacked up and right now I can't think of any.

Okay. I've got it.


Okay, so for marching band we have field shows. Or, halftime shows as most people know them. And Mount Dawg (band instructor) is always yelling things at us while we practice on the practice football field during band. We are always supposed to have 'markers' or little things to mark our spots when we're moving from one position to the next. (It's harder than it looks. Seriously.) And one day he was wandering through the flute section in the back (they are ALWAYS talking and screwing around. We brass instruments are the pride and glory.) and he looks down and yells, "HEY. Who's using dog poop for markers?" We all just started to laugh and then as he's walking back up toward the front he says, "Don't worry. I'll get to the bottom of this." And then he stops and says, "Bottom of this." And then he just cracks up. Full blown cracking up. And when he managed to talk again he chuckled, "I am so funny."
It may not be as funny to you guys, but to those of us who were there, it was hilarious. Mostly because it was Mount Dawg. Some of his favorite catch phrases include:
"You'll be wearing your butt for a hat."
"I'm gonna rip you a new one."
"Don't make me throw a shoe at you." (Sometimes he takes his shoe off and brandishes is for emphasis.)(Apparently one time he really did throw a shoe and gave a kid a nosebleed.)
OH and my personal favorite:
"Make like a baby and HEAD OUT."


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